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Sand Modular Polyurethane Screen, Rubber Sieve Vibrating Screen and PU Screen for Shale Shaker Screening Material

The polyurethane screen is a substitute screening material for metal mesh in mining mineral processing, grading, dehydration and other machines. Featuring age resistance and wear resistance, it replaces metal mesh screen used in coal, iron ore, copper, gold and other ores grading and dewatering.

Screen Structures:

Tensioned polyurethane shaker screen has embedded steel frame for high tensile strength. The metallic fastening hooks are designed for easy replacement as it can clamp screens into the separator. The hooks can also be transverse tensioning and longitudinal tensioning.

Abrasion Resistant Polymer Vibrating Screen

Mesh Material:
Polyurethane is a new type of polymer composite material, with nature between plastic and rubber while performance superior over the two materials. Polyurethane screen is lightweight and easy to install in screening situations where material specifications are frequently changed.
The polyurethane mesh is ideal for all screening applications where screening efficiency and noise reduction is crucial.
The various opening sizes ensure the high separating and screening efficiency and the smooth surface and polyurethane materials make the screen has much lower noise than the woven vibrating screen mesh or perforated vibrating screen mesh.


1. Long service time. Its service life is more than 8 times longer than the ordinary metal products and 3.9 times longer than the rubber products.
2. Large bear capacity. With good resilence, high strength to absorb the impact, high wear resistance, high tensile strength,so its capacity is more than 2.5 times stronger than the rubber and stainless products.
3. High sieving efficiency. On the base of meeting the size distribution, the mesh slot is made into the shape of rectangle. Which gurantees the ratio of qualified fine material and improves the screening effciency.
4. No blocking by the hole.With the resilience nature, the aperture is prevented from blockage.
5. Low niose. Polyurethane sieve machine can reduce noise 5-20 decibels than metal mesh.
6. Low maintenance cost. Easy to installation, simple to replace, long service time ensure the low maintenance cost.
7. Large amount of ore sieving. Polyurethane screen mesh can sieving more than 200000 tons ores.
8. Abrasive resistant. Tear resistant and corrosive resistant.
9. Various openings for accurate separating.
10.Lightweight and easy to install and replace.





PU tensioned screen, PU skeleton screen plate, PU dewatering sieve,trommel screen



Open area rate 28%-40%
Hole size


Hardness 85-95A
Color yellow, red, green


Tensioned polyurethane screen is fitted to all vibrating screens;
Separate and screen almost all of materials from coarse stones to fine materials;
Ideal for both dry and wet materials.

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