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Steel Wire Mesh Pleated Dimensional Shale Shaker Screen

Pleated shale shaker screen panels offers increased screening area with waved filter cloth bonded to metal backing plate. Compared with Flat Mesh Screen, the pleated wave-shape metal screen enjoys more filtration surface to 125% to 150% percent that of a flat screen. Waved Vibrating Screen can load more drilling fluid flow. The filter cloth can be common woven wire mesh or crimped woven mesh.

Metal Screen Structures:

Waved screen has typical mesh cloth that appears regular waves. It is made with two or three layers of stainless steel mesh cloth of round or crimped wire, laminated into wave shape panels. The effective area of this dimensional screen panels with waves can be greatly increased and in this way, the work efficient is greatly enhanced.

Mesh Cloth Materials:
Carbon steel wire (galvanized or not)(45#, 70#, 72A, 82B)
Manganese steel wire (65Mn, 30Mn)
Stainless steel wire (201,202, 304, 316, 304L, 316L)

Mesh wire diameter: 0.5-16mm
width: under 2m about

Weaving style:
Plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave

Pleated mesh panel screen of 304 stainless steel wire cloth used as dehydration filter media
Square Mesh Screen for Mining Dewatering
20x20 Mesh SS Woven Mesh Screen with Pre-crimped Wire, Ready for Processing into Layers of Tensile Shaker Screen for Vibrating Devices


The screen fits all standard Vibrating shakers, allowing the most efficient use of existing equipment;
It will enable large cost savings and improvements in shaker performance;
Multi-layer pleat vibrating screens are designed to maximize solids removal capabilities while significantly reducing costs associated with drilling fluid and disposal.

High Strength Sandwiched Mesh Panels with Steel Plate Reinforcing Layer

This multi layer plate screen can be used in oil, coal and mine, and various filtering. It is popularly used to reduce the percentage of drilled solids in the mud system, hence to reduce the drilling cost in oil and gas industry.

Metal wire mesh pleating equipment for shaker screen parts
Machines working on pleating the wire mesh layers

Wire Cloth Panels with Hook Strips for Easy Installation to the Vibrating Shakers


Mesh Cloth Sizes:

Items Mesh Range Dimension (Length x Width) Weight(KGS)
SS -1 20-325 585×1165mm 12
SS-2 20-325 635×1253mm 13.5
SS -3 20-325 913×650mm 12.5
SS -4 20-325 720×1220mm 17
SS -5 20-325 712×1180mm 17

Panel Screen Sizes:

Type: Flat and waved
Size: 635X1253mm,
Material: 304 316 316L

Mesh: SSI20---SSI450
Dimension:Length:1251mm (49 1/5”)
Width: 635mm (24 4/5”)
Weight: Steel frame: 13kg (28.6lb)
Pyramid shape mesh layer: 14.5kg (32lb)
Screen layer:2 or 3 Layers
Wire mesh material:S.S304 ,S.S316 (Customizable)
Frame material: Carbon steel

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