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Flat Slot Wire Screen for Sieving and Sifting Uses

It is a metal mesh structure components used for the water well screening and filtering.

Wire Materials: Mild steel tapered wire, high manganese steel wire and stainless steel wire welded together.

The screen panels can be made in round type sheet or rectangular panels.

Wire Mesh Mining Screen

Forms of Supply:

Screen basket, vibration sieve, cylinder nets, arc sieve screen, etc.

Rod based continuous slot welded wedge wire screen

Wedge wire screen are composed of a variety of wedge wire configurations and constructed in a spiral shaped form where the support profile is wrapped spirally by the surface.

Filtering and sieving in mining, coal, petroleum, chemical fertilizer, grain, salt, environment protection;
Screening liquid, powder materials;
Pharmaceutical purification, drilling liquid purification, etc.

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